Keeping you safe in this pandemic

Previous guests will know that we are somewhat obsessive about cleanliness, using sanitizers and disinfectants in the cleaning products we use from the very first day we opened, cleaning surfaces like switches, remote controls and door handles regularly. That was a natural progression from running a cleaning company just a few years ago.


We are now also following the goverment guidelines to ensure our guest's and our own safety resulting in augmenting our cleaning regime and making some temporary but necessary changes. With immediate effect; breakfast and check-in times will be pre-booked, rooms will be serviced on request only, towels to be changed and waste bin bags to be left outside the room, and windows to be left open on day of departure.  Anti-bacterial handwash was a permanent feature of the bathrooms anyway and now there are multiple sanitizer stations. Payment can also be made by phone or bank transfer to 80 05 56/07079262.  


At the moment we are only allowing 4 rooms to be booked at any one time so that just 2 tables are available at 8.30am for breakfast and 2 for 9.30. This allows us to keep a good level of separation.


Masks are currently required in all public areas except whilst eating, please use them whilst choosing fruit, cereals etc.


We appreciate that this feels so much less hospitable than we would like but these are unsettling times. We look forward to a future time when we can again, be much less formal.


Warm regards, 


Yvonne & Stephen

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